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Welcome to Navigating Home – a blog I intended to have started almost three years ago to record the joys as well as trials and tribulations of being a first time homeowner along with my boyfriend (now husband) and successfully DIY-ing a major renovation of that first house.

A lot has happened in those three years. Not only did we test our handiness and relationship by finishing our renovation and moving in together, we became landlords, finished grad school, and got married. We also moved out and became the “tenants” of my grandfather – a very particular, yet endearing 93 year old man (more on this later). Currently, we’re in the thick of a glacially-paced “updating” of the apartment we’ve been entrusted with.

I’m actually grateful that it has taken me a little longer to sit down and begin putting my thoughts into words. It’s given me time to reflect on my experiences and uncover my passions for real estate, design, and working with my hands. One thing I didn’t mention above is that during that time, I became a licensed real estate agent. Helping others find their way home has given me yet another perspective to share on. Looking back at the snippets that were my unpublished drafts, I realized that the intention of my writing has shifted from merely telling the story of buying and renovating my first home, to a purposeful blog where I can share knowledgeable thoughts, tips, and advice with those interested in taking the leap into real estate.

With that, I encourage you to follow along, consider my musings, and engage in this dialogue.

Ready to begin navigating home? Let’s go.